You will need to have some information ready before completing the Priority Report Online Questionnaire. We recommend you get as much as possible ready before starting and this will speed the process. However you can always come back to finish the questionnaire later.

There are two levels of information we need; 

- Direct information is the information you can provide yourself such as contact information and a listing of the rooms.

- Supporting information includes the files you can upload that help to conform that what you have said is accurate.

Direct Information

The questionnaire is divided into pages that ask for the following

- Sponsors personal and contact information including current residence, date of birth etc.

- Applicants personal and contact information including current residence, date of brith, nationality etc.

- Information about the property including the number and type of rooms. A good written description is also very helpful.

- Information about who owns the property, and lease or rental agreements etc.

- Details on all future residents planning to move into the property (children, parents etc.)

Supporting Documents

While not compulsory the more supporting documentation you can provide the better.

We provide specific ability to upload floor plans, photographs and property rental/ownership documents along with any other documents you can think of.

The process is straight forward and our questionnaire will guide you through it. A little preparation, especially around photos and documentation, will ensure we don't need to contact you for clarification and that in turn will help make a streamlined process.