Depending on where you are in the country you may have lots of options or no options at all. Nevertheless we (of course) believe that our service is the one you should choose. Let me tell you some of the reasons.


Since the local councils have been stopping the provision of this inspection service there have been many people stepping in to offer it instead. Not all of these people have the strongest qualifications. 

We are very strict on who we work with. Our partners are ex Environmental Inspectors who have worked with councils. They have the full professional qualifications and experience that gives their report gravitas and authority. This means they both know how to write a report that is accepted and the experience to ensure it includes the necessary facts.

We think that when a life-changing decision such as a visa is dependent on the report then you deserve nothing less than the best.


Our Priority Online service is designed to remove the inconvenience associated with traditional report services. Prior to this it was necessary for you to arrange a time for an inspector to call. You then had to possibly take tim off work and your probably did a little tidying up as well. 

But it's a busy life and arranging your visa is stressful enough without all that. So we developed a system that allows you to send us all the information we need online and then we can produce a report without any inspection.


We have been at the forefront of innovations in this industry. Unlike people for whom this is a sideline we have invested in an Online Assessment tool which can give you and idea of whether you will pass or not before undertaking the inspection. 

Our Priority Online service is the newest addition and is the only completely online service we know of.


We are constantly contacted by people who did not know they needed a property inspection report until the last days of their visa application. It is our aim to help as many of these people get the report as possible. Our Priority Online service guarantees a report within 10 days - and we often do it in half the time.


The nature of the industry means that the ability to obtain a property inspection report is very haphazard. It's a fragmented industry and some places have comprehensive coverage while others have none at all (this is one of the reasons that the Home Office allows Online reports).

By working with partners we are able to maximise the coverage available. And of course our Priority Online service covers the whole country. 

These are some of the reasons we believe we offer the best service. Of course there are excellent and professional competitors out there but we feel confident that few offer as comprehensive a service as us.