To be honest I can't think of anything but benefits. The simple fact is that the Priority Online report is faster, easier and more convenient for everyone.

- Faster

We don't have to wait to make an appointment to visit the premises. This means we can start on the report immediately and so get the final document to you within 10 days or sooner.

- More Convenient

Arranging to have an inspector visit your home is frankly a headache. You have to arrange a good time, which can often mean taking time off work. The Online process removes all this and simply asks you for information, photos and any supporting documents you might have. You can prepare this at your convenience and the whole process is over in a few minutes.

- More Reliable

Arranging an inspector is not only time-consuming but can often be impossible. There is a shortage of good quality, experienced and qualified surveyors who meet out standards. This makes it increasingly difficult to guarantee coverage across the country. 

- Less Invasive

Let's face it, having someone wander around your home taking pictures and measurements is quite invasive. Being able to avoid this by taking photos at your own convenience and simply upload all the information is benefit enough for a lot of people.

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