Online reports are, on average, a lot faster and more efficient than on-site surveys.

The process of writing the report is pretty much the same of course and so takes the same amount of time. What's more efficient about the Priority Online service is the collection of the information.

For an on-site report we need to arrange a time that is convenient for you to have an inspector call. This also has to meet the availability of our inspector and since most are fully booked for weeks it can easily take a month or more to arrange an appointment.

By comparison a Priority Online report removes this and gives us all the necessary documentation straight away.

If everything is in order we can usually start writing the report 2-3 days later and have a draft to you straight after. Even if there are questions it doesn't usually add more than a day or two to the process.

The result is that we can guarantee a Priority Online report within 10 days (and usually much sooner) while also reducing the inconvenience to you.

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