Our Priority Online service is a system we have created to enable you to get your property inspection report with the minimum of hassle.

First let me explain the two types of report that are accepted by the immigration authorities.

  • - The traditional report involves having a surveyor visit your premises, take measurements and observations and produce a report on that basis. 
  • - The online or desktop report is where you send us the information and we produce our report based on that.

Both these are accepted by the authorities and both have some potential for fraud. For instance during a physical survey we have to accept as truthful the number of people you say will be living in the premises, while the desktop report opens the possibility that you provide wrong measurements for the rooms.

It's because there is the possibility of fraud that the Home Office relies on qualified and experienced surveyors whom they can trust. We in turn demand supporting documentation when preparing a Desktop report.

Now once you allow for the Desktop Survey it becomes a matter of collecting the necessary documentation. For years we've had a somewhat antiquated system where we email you a Word document to fill out. Then you return it and we can start the process. Just this section alone takes a few days.

So we have streamlined everything.

If you want a report you can simply go to our online questionnaire and fill it out. All the information and supporting documentation is sent to us and we can get started on the report straight away. 

Payment is also online or by bank transfer.

With this new system we are able to guarantee a final report is sent to you within 10 days. In fact it's often half that time. 

Apart from being fast it's also much more convenient, especially if you're working and can't take time to meet our surveyor.

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